0Thursday. 12th [July 1877]—Therapia
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12 July 1877 — Therapia
Thursday. 12th [July 1877]. Poured all day. Worked hard at finishing up the mattrasses to send off in the eveng. The Helicon took the D. of Edinboro & the Adl back to Besika. The Duke had dined last night at the Reuss’s & he had had a great discussion with Hobart Pasha—all in good part. He upbraided the Pasha on serving the Turks & said he had done himself much harm by his letter on the subject to the Times. Having praised the Turks as willing to fight without pay he himself was the only man paid! Hobart said he cd not see any thing in that & the D. was too Russian but that was owing to having a Russian wife. He was not in love with a Russian nor likely to marry one so he saw things in a different light. He said the Queen was not of the same opinion as her son. At wh the D. replied she was quite wrong on the subject. The D. said he was Commander in Chief of the Russian Fleet in the Danube & Hobart said then go & take the command & I will come after you the next day & bring you back! Yesterday the Duke went to the Arsenal to see Hobart & asked to see the Russian prisoner. This has made a great stir. He gave him his card & told him he was his superior officer. He has promised him his old Russian uniform & some papers. In the afternoon the rain stopt a little & I went in the garden but the wind was too high to stop out long.

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