0Saturday. 14th July [1877]—Therapia
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14 July 1877 — Therapia
Saturday. 14th July [1877]. Practised guitar & worked. At 3.30 went with Henry in the [illegible word] chiefly to Buyukdéré & found the P. & Pss Reuss assembled with some friends to see a regatta between the sailors of their gunboats. They gave them prizes & then we all went into the garden where there were sports for the sailors—ninepins—running in sacks &c. We had tea & the sailors beer. We came home abt 6. Walked in the garden till dinner. Mr Gribble arrived to stay till Monday & do tomorrow’s service, Mr Ash: & Ken: dined with us. Mr Kalergi & Serkis Effendi came in the eveng. I played the harmonium.

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