0Tuesday. 7th [August 1877]—Therapia
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7 August 1877 — Therapia
Tuesday. 7th [August 1877]. Worked at making pillows all day. Had Turkish lesson. Miss Boyd went to lawn tennis party given by the Antelopes in Khedive’s garden. There was a tremendous high wind. I went & sat in the grove to work & have tea. A gentleman came from the Red Crescent to see abt fetching the mattrasses we have ready for Kavak hospital. Major de Winton & I went to work room to make bandages with sewing machine & Mr Young who arrived to dine & sleep came to help us. M. Pansa called with a note from Maffei to introduce. He is his secy at Athens. During Dinner Mr Young gave us dreadful details of the state of wounded. He said that very little had been done for them—& much was needed– That there was only one ambulance yet at the front & 2 Drs who were working hard but not able to keep pace. We made bandages all the eveng. De Winton & Malloy came & helped–

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