0Wednesday. 29th August [1877]—Therapia
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29 August 1877 — Therapia
Wednesday. 29th August [1877]. Wrote for post & messenger. Sitting at my table I happened to look up & see a steamer pass—& drew Miss Boyd’s attention saying I thought it looked like a yacht. On going to the Window she said “it is the Admiral he is waving to us!” & sure eno’ it was him. Later we got a telegram from him saying he was coming up to dine & sleep here. We worked all day & at 5 took our work out to the grove & played tennis. At 6 the Adl arrived, very well, and in good spirits. He had come down for orders. Had chased the Emperor’s yacht 27 hours & run her into Sevastopol quite forgetting torpedoes in his excitement. He had fired one shot at Fort Constantine & a broad side had been opened on him from every side wh just fell short of him but the splash covered his decks with water. At this he retreated.

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