0Thursday. 30th [August 1877]—Therapia
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30 August 1877 — Therapia
Thursday. 30th [August 1877]. Made bandages & visit from Mario Pasha head of medical schools here. Mrs Henry & Arthur Hanson called & stayed to luncheon. Mr Fawcett came to cut in the morng but left at 1. After lunch I had to dress at once to go with Henry to meet the Sultan at his farm at Maslak. We started at 3. Mr Zarifi lent his carriage & we had 2 mounted cavasses. Maslak is only about ½ hours drive from here on the road to Pera. On the way we met too royal guards sent out to escort us. The house at Maslak is very like a small English Cockney villa. Said Pasha met us & Henry & he smoked & we had coffee out of diamond zarfs. In about ¼ hour the Sultan sent for us. He was in a small room on the ground floor with a sofa & a few chairs in it. He shook hands with us & made us all sit down. Henry congratulated him on the late victories & he thanked me for what I had done about the sick & wounded—& then he & Henry went on to talk politics thro’ Said P. as an interpreter for nearly 2 hours. H.M. then asked us to go & walk in the grounds where we should find the grand vizier. The sultan looked worn & thin & very anxious– he said solemnly that the late victories showed that the hand of God was with the Turks in their just cause. We found the Grand Vizier Edhem P. & Server P. & Mahmoud Damat P. in a small kiosk smoking. They came out & walked about in the grounds with us till nearly 7. The grounds are very well kept the trees having been planted by the Sultan before he came to the throne & there are very pretty views right away to the Black Sea. There is a lovely conservatory with fountains, creepers & masses of lycopodium. Abt ¼ to 7 we were called to dinner wh was laid in a small Kiosque leading out of the conservatory there we found the Sultan & he motioned me to a seat on his right & put Henry on his left. I had next me the Grand Vizier who acted interpreter. Next to Henry was Server P. & next Server Said Bey (H.M. secy) then Said Pasha then Mahmoud Damat. We had a French dinner & not a good one– The only Turkish dish being a pilaf. H.M. made conversation with me all the dinner time talked of England & his visit there & was very agreeable. He noticed I drank no wine & told me he did not drink any & asked me to share some pink looking sherbet with him wh I did he constantly refilling my glass himself. It got dark while we were at table but candles were lighted as were the lamps in the conservatory. The sound of the dripping of the fountain coming thro’ the open door was very cool & pleasant. After dinner H.M. led the way to a small room where coffee was served & he & Henry smoked. Only Said Pasha accompanied as interpreter. After some time H.M. sent Said to call in the others & the Sultan told Server to talk to me as he could not do so himself. Abt ½ past 9 H.M. rose & said he had given orders to an ADC to escort us home lest I should be afraid—so we set off. With 2 cavasses carrying lighted lamps & two guards in front—& 4 behind us. We rattled thro the Village of Therapia in a way to arouse the place. Found Hobart Pasha, the Genl & Miss Boyd making bandages.

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