0Friday. 31st August [1877]—Therapia
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31 August 1877 — Therapia
Friday. 31st August [1877]. Worked away at shirts. Dr Temple called to say he was being sent to Adrianople & then Ahmet Vefyk Pasha turned up to bid us adieu before starting for Adrianople where he has been named Govr. He stayed & lunched with us. Directly afterwards the Henry Hansons, Mrs Willy & Mrs Arthur arrived to go to the General’s picnic which he had prepared for us at the Bends. Miss Bilinsky & Mr Fawcett, besides Mr Heathcote & Capt. Wingfield & some of the Helicon officers were of the party. Capt. Stopford got orders to go down to Besika to fetch up Sir Ed Commerell & so Mr Graham & Mr Edward could only ride a little way with us. I drove with Mrs Arthur & Miss Bilinsky the rest of the party rode except Wingfield, Smijth & Leveson Gower who walked. On arriving at the Bends we had tea & played a round game & then took a short walk & returned to a cold spread of shrimps, lobster sauce &c & then drove home. We did not get home till nearly 8 & some of the riding party only got home after 9 having lost their way in making short cuts in the dark. I had a headache & had to leave the dinner table. Hobart Pasha sailed to join his ships in the Black Sea. The Willy Hansons stayed the night.

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