0Sunday. 9th [September 1877]—Therapia
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9 September 1877 — Therapia
Sunday. 9th [September 1877]. Miss Boyd returned from Candilli in time for the service & played harmonium as usual. We went out after church to the grove & were there joined by Henry & afterwards by Adl Commerell & Mr Gresley who had returned from Varna this morning with a Turkish Admiral. They had been to the front & got there the day after a battle, had seen Mehmet Ali P. & Fuad P. & gave a very cheering account of the state of things. While we were sitting talking we suddenly saw a large ship stopping close to the house & concluded it must be the Red Cross wh it was & Mr Young landed. He said he wanted bandages so I rushed in & counted him up 600. He stayed to luncheon & then went off to Trebizond as he is going to try to get up to Erzerum with stores. As we had given away nearly all our bandages we felt bound to make more so Miss B & I, the Adl & Mr Gresley & Henry took rat traps to the grove & made them there. It was very hot. Zichy called & came in a large Lloyd steamer the Iris wh surprised us it was the 2nd large steamer we had stop here today. It appeared his steam launch was out of order & so he took the Iris to come up. A new Belgian Minister also called & Uribarri the Spanish Secy. We made 75 bandages. Read before dinner, 16 to dinner Corti & Maynard, Capt. Stopford, De Winton & Rawson, besides ourselves & Embassy– Made 80 bandages in the evening. Mr Kennett called in the evening.

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