0Monday. 24th [September 1877]—Therapia
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24 September 1877 — Therapia
Monday. 24th [September 1877]. Dr Sorell, Mr Kennett & Mrs A. Hanson came & we went at 11 in the steam launch to visit the Kavak hospital where there are 250 sick & wounded. All seemed very comfortable & tolerably clean, went into every house & into the wash houses, kitchens &c., deposited at the hospital the bandages sent by the Queen. Came back to luncheon & found Mrs W. Hanson had arrived 10 minutes too late to go with us. They all stayed to luncheon. At 4 we went out to the grove to work & play lawn tennis. Henry went in steam launch to see Server P. the M. for F.A.s. The Parnis came to work & a lot of the men to play tennis. While I was making tea Mr Kennedy came up & said he thought we had better put off our party tonight as the news of Julian were very bad—& then told me he had died this morning & the telegram had just arrived. We sent to put off people & Mr Kennedy went off to meet Henry & to put off Kiamil Bey & those who were coming to dine. Princess Reuss called & sat some time till the Prince came to fetch her & they left together. Then the Henry Hansons arrived to dine & sleep & they wanted to return home but I would not let them as it was late & the Genl & they dined. We made bandages after dinner & Mr Leveson Gower came & brought Mr Walpole who had just returned from Shipka & had seen Julian & told me a good deal about his illness—but said that when he left his illness was not supposed to be fatal.

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