0Sunday. 23rd [September 1877]—Therapia
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23 September 1877 — Therapia
Sunday. 23rd [September 1877]. An excessively hot day. Miss Boyd returned for the service & played the harmonium. Dr Long of the Robert College came to do the service. Packed bales with Major de Winton to send off things to Mr Kennett wh telegraphed that Dr Neylan was in want of bandages &c. Also packed bales to send to Col. Synge at Shumla for sick & wounded to send by the “Rapid” wh leaves tomorrow. At 3 went out in the 2nd caique with Henry, Miss B. & the Genl, we went to Candilli to tell Mrs Hanson to send Mr Kennett some things & then went to Chibukli to take coffee & nargilehs. We had to rouse up the inhabitants as being Ramazan all was shut up & the people asleep. It was so oppressive that we expected a storm. Mr Christich, Capt Stopford & all the Embassy dined besides the naval attaché Capt. Grenfell. Made bandages. Bad news of Julian.

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