0Monday. 12th [November 1877]—Therapia
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12 November 1877 — Therapia
Monday. 12th [November 1877]. Directly after breakfast Mrs de Winton, the Genl, Henry & I went to town in the steam launch. Henry left us at the Khan where I transacted business with Mr Guarracino & Mr Wrench & we had some lunch there. As we came away abt ¼ to 2 our coxswain over balanced & fell into the water but was soon fished out again. We went to Pss. Nazlie’s to call on her & I found her in her carriage just going out. She insisted on returning but I only stayed a few minutes with her & then we walked up & down her house waiting for Henry who was at Server Pasha’s next door. We took Mrs Willie home & then went home ourselves.

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