0Sunday. 11th November [1877]—Therapia
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11 November 1877 — Therapia
Sunday. 11th November [1877]. Fine morning. Pasted into scrap book. Visits from Dr Millingen & Mehemet Bey. Lunched at 1.30. At 2 went off in the 2nd caique with Mrs de Winton, Henry, the Genl & Mr Smijth to Candilli. Landed at Mrs Willie’s & went up the Hill stopping at Mrs Arthur’s to fetch her– Then I called on Mrs Clifton who was out & on old Mrs C. Hanson who was in & then went on to the H. Hanson & picked up Mr H & we went on to the top of the hill where there was a burnt Kiosque burnt by the Germans at the time of the Crimean war by mistake. Then we went down to the caique thro’ the village a dreadfully steep & stony path. When we got home it was quite dark. Had tea & rested till dinner. Capts Wingfield, Hall, Fife, Malloy & all the Emby except Sandison & Kennedy who were gone out shooting dined with us. Made charpie– Mr Austin came in after dinner–

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