0Saturday. 1st December [1877]—Constantinople
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1 December 1877 — Constantinople
Saturday. 1st December [1877]. Dr Neylan called to ask for hospital things. Mr Millingen came about Dorcas Society. After luncheon I drove out with Henry we called on the Condouriotis & found them in. I went on to call on Mme Helmy Pasha. She is Kiamil Bey’s daughter speaks French—says she lives à l’Européan with her husband & children dining all together & being served by a man. There were no jalousies to the windows only a lot of plants to make a screen. M. d’Ehrenhoff & Mr Christich called & I gave them tea. Christich in a baking at the rumours the Servians have Xg the frontier. The de Wintons dined & the Genl. Went early to bed. There was a tremendous storm abt 5 o’cl: and the hailstones were abt the size of peas. It lasted only a short time.

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