0Wednesday. 5th December [1877]—Constantinople
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5 December 1877 — Constantinople
Wednesday. 5th December [1877]. Last night’s news is confirmed & Suleiman is supposed to be marching on Trnovo. The Turks have taken 9 guns & 500 prisoners but are waiting for reinforcements before going on to Trnovo. Wrote for the messenger & mail. After lunch Henry & I went out riding to Okmeidan the place outside the city where the Sultans used to practiced bow & arrow shooting. The plain is covered with marble & stone pillars having inscriptions to mark any especially long shot. We came down by Pialli Pasha a very picturesque old mosque in a valley. The sentry civilly opened the gate & allowed us to ride into the yard of the mosque wh is most picturesque. We came home thro’ the most wonderful narrow streets & came out at the Arsenal & up home thro’ the Petit Champs. Zichy & Kalergi called. Gave them tea. Mrs de Winton, L. Gower & the Ct dined with us. T. Bowles came in in the evening.

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