0Tuesday. 4th [December 1877]—Constantinople
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4 December 1877 — Constantinople
Tuesday. 4th [December 1877]. Mrs de Winton & I cut out garments. Mrs W. Hanson came to luncheon. Afterwards I drove her down to the Khan & I spent the afternoon there arranging things with Mr Bartlett, brought Mrs de W. home. After tea looked over glass & furniture with Mr Elliot. He & Capt. Hamond (Torch), Mr Smijth dined. I found that Capt. H. was Tony Hamond’s brother & is very like him. We made bandages & played billiards after dinner. Mr Hy Hanson came from the Grand Vizier to tell Henry there was news that Suleiman P. had taken Elena with 9 guns & 5000 prisoners.

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