0Friday. 20th January [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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20 January 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 20th January [1893]. I was right in my alarm—Malcolm passed a terrible night. Sr Guedini one of his employe’s came over sent by Cini to say Malcolm was so ill that they thought he had but 2 or 3 hours to live. The Dr was with him all night—when to their surprise about 5 AM. Malcolm took a good turn & when Cini went there at 8 he was astounded to find him without fever. It had been the crisis of one of the lungs & now there is a little hope. I went over to the house in the afternoon & saw Sr Astolfi & M. Luccato who had telegraphed for Mr Malcolm Dutton at Trieste (the nephew). Astolfi said the crisis for the 2nd lung would be tonight & that Malcolm had already got a little fever but still there is hope. He said 7 people had been up with him last night Padovan (Malcolm’s natural son) & his wife & sister! I begged them not to do this again but to keep him quiet. It appears that on Wednesday Malcolm had insisted on making a new contract for wood & signed it in his bed! I worked the machine all the morning. Mr Brown came to lunch. Afterwards went out to walk in Piazza with Henry. He left me at the Edens. I went on foot to Ida Belmondo who was up & then walked home for tea. Mme Hellenbach & her daughter Marianne came to call & told me that Css Marcello had this morning an apoplectic stroke & was dying. Mr & Mrs Dyer & Mrs Browning dined with us, & we had Trios in eveng. Trombini, Dini & Tirindelli. They played Rubinstein’s 2nd Trio & Mendelssohn’s 1st & Chopin’s Andante. Not very many people came.

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