0Sunday. 12th February [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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12 February 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 12th February [1893]. Regina is better. Ola & I went to church in morning. When I came in I asked Regina what time Paolo returned home from the ball she said no one knew, no one had let him in & then she said how he had another key made for himself to our door & was in the habit of being out night after night & sometimes did not return till morning– This is a revelation of a most unpleasant kind & must be enquired into. In the afternoon Ola met Mrs Hulton who told her that after we left the theatre last night Paolo & his masks took possession of our box for the rest of the night. This is rather too much. I spoke to Paolo about his habit of being out & he resolutely denies that he has another key & that he has been out more than 2 or 3 times– This despite all the rest of the household declare. In the evening Henry & I were invited to the Palace, but Henry not being well eno’ I went alone– I went at 11 in the evening & found the D & Dss of Genoa had a small party for dancing– At 2 we drew lots for our places at supper & mine fell between the Cts Menotti Morosini & Count Nicola Papadopoli. It was an excellent supper but very long & it was past 3 when we rose from the table. I was very tired but told that I could not leave till the end so I tried to be patient till at 4.30 I could stand it no longer & got Belmondo to ask for my release from Bss Despine wh was immediately granted & I hurried home. I was just undressed at 5.10 when Henry came out of his room to look for me—not having slept & being anxious at my non appearance.

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