0Saturday. 18th [March 1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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18 March 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 18th [March 1893]. Busy morning writing & arranging papers. After lunch I went over to Astolfi to give him a letter from Css Michiel containing the money for the silver salver she bought. It was fine day but windy & cold– We went to Biondetti’s stone yard where Mr Dyer has got a studio to pay him a visit & see his pictures. He has 2 in progress—one from the Riva near the Admiralty bridge in early morning & another in sunlight. Mme Landauer & Count Fantino Bon were there. Henry & I walked from thence to the Piazza—& went into the Court yard of the Ducal Palazzo to see the St Isidro which has been down to be repaired—but it was already hoisted up to the top of the column on the Piazzetta. Home to tea. Maria Cozzi came & also the Dss della Grazia & her 2 girls– Mr & Mrs & Stella Dyer & Mr Brown dined with us & we had Trios in the eveng Tirindelli, Trombini & Ct Agostini. They played Beethoven’s 1st Trio & Haydn’s 1st very well—& then an andante & finally of Mendelssohn’s which they had not rehearsed & was not a success. The Belmondos came to call just before dinner.

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