0Friday. 17th [March 1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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17 March 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 17th [March 1893]. Gardened in morning. Dull rainy day. I went over to see Astolfi about getting 2 Zuccarelli’s in Malcolm’s house for Princess Louisa (Lorne) as Seckendorff telegraphed to offer 1000 fcs for them but Padovan sent me word they would not sell them without 2 others by Zais so I wrote this to Seckendorff. I went to walk in the Eden’s garden with Henry. There were a few spring flowers out. I called in to see Mrs Forrester the gardener’s wife who is expecting her confinement & showed me all the baby clothes & her room wh looked very clean & neat & sweet. We called in to see Mr Eden & had tea with him & I remained on a little while & Henry went to Stella to be read to. Mr Eden tells me the Papadopoli scandal is at an end– The P’s have gone off to Nice & the husband has paid all the debts she gave her name to for her lover—& he Adami has been kicked out of all the clubs. Let us hope it will all rest now for it is a horrid story.

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