0Sunday. 16th July [1893]—1 Queen Anne Street
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16 July 1893 — 1 Queen Anne Street
Sunday. 16th July [1893]. Burne Jones came to lunch with us. In the afternoon I took a walk with Dacre Du Cane & Lady Gregory. Henry & I dined with Mama & Blanche & Edward at 17 Cavendish Square. Nela was in my room while I was undressing to go to bed & I rang for my maid Kate Mould– We perceived she was strange & when I had sent her out of the room on some pretext I looked at Nela & said “That woman is drunk!” When she returned to my room it was even more evident & she could hardly walk. I said sharply to her “What is the matter with you” & she answered that her shoes were creaky! Nela saw her upstairs for fear of her setting the house on fire—& I was much disturbed in mind.

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