0Wednesday. 27th September [1893]—Blackmoor, nr. Liss, Hampshire
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27 September 1893 — Blackmoor, nr. Liss, Hampshire
Wednesday. 27th September [1893]. We drove over to luncheon with the Tennysons with Sophy & Lord S. Were shown into the drawing room to Lady T. [A year ago] when we went in to lunch we found the great Tennyson sitting ready at table in his high backed chair with a kind of bib round his neck looking very infirm. He did not talk much & got up & left the table before any one else. As he went he told his son Hallam to show me something & spoke of me as “Lady Layard.” I said jokingly “It has not come to that between us that you no longer call me by my Christian name”—then he smiled & his eyes twinkled & he said “No but I spoke of not to you” & shuffled out of the room. We left soon after lunch & drove back to Blackmoor.

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