0Monday. 13th November [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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13 November 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 13th November [1893]. We left by 9.50 train & went to stay with Css Pisani at Vescovana—where Lina Duff Gordon & Nela already are staying. Got there by 12 o’cl breakfast. We took Bertha our cook with us to wait on us. It was a splendid day & we all went out with the Css to walk in the garden & she picked us flowers—chrysanthemums, roses &c– They were making a late crop of hay in the garden—on account of the great drought this summer hay is so scarce that they have to get all they can– I came in abt 4 & sat with the Css till 6 o’cl. Had tea & she talked of the state of Italy & read & discussed Villari’s pamphlet “Dove andiamo?” She has always been uneasy abt the state of the country—oppressed by heavy taxes & justice in the hands of ignorant & unscrupulous people. Dined at 7. I read to Henry for an hour before dinner. I & Ola played duetts in the evening mandola & guitar.

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