0Tuesday. 14th [November 1893]—Villa Pisani, Vescovana
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14 November 1893 — Villa Pisani, Vescovana
Tuesday. 14th [November 1893]. Altho’ it did not rain it was cloudy overcast & cold. Worked, breakfasted &c in my own room till 11. Practised duetts with Ola till 12 o’cl breakfast. Afterwards Henry drove out with Nela & Pamela. I sat talking to the Countess & working until 3.30 when the carriage party came home & I walked in the garden with Henry & picked flowers for the Countess which Lina & I arranged in vases. We spent a long time over it & I had to go out a 2nd time for a fresh supply. I gave Lina a guitar lesson before 7 o’cl dinner. Played duetts with Ola in eveng. The Countess had news that the law suit at Venice was over. A farm she had let some years ago was returned on her hands by her tenant & he told her that he had permitted his relations to use a path across her property but that there was no right of way. The Css immediately ordered a gate to be put up. The ex farmer’s relations went to law with her & 2ce she gained her cause. Then her adversaries employed a lawyer who was eventually named a Deputy to Parliament & this man suggested that all her witnesses were false witnesses & the 10 witnesses were tried accordingly. This eveng comes the news that 7 are liberated—& only 3 condemned– They all gave the same evidence so that if 7 were not false witnesses how abt the other 3? These 3 are however her own tenants & to please the Deputy they are evidently condemned!

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