0Friday. 8th December [1893]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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8 December 1893 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 8th December [1893]. Nela & I went off to the studio at 9.30 & had the model. I had given her the money to go with her mother to the Malibran theatre last night & today she was full of the delights of it– An American troupe wh does every kind of wonderful trick. Henry came to the studio to see how we are getting on & brought us home in the gondola– I practised the guitar for a little while before lunch. Css de Noer & her two daughters came to lunch with us. One the eldest cares for painting, the other is of a literary turn & knows all the books of her father’s magnificent library—& takes after him. At 3 I fetched Iduna Belmondo & took her out in sandolo– We went to Mme Noce at the Arsenal & she was at home– Went after to Countess Canevaro & also found her in– Then left several cards & ended up at Mme Stefani & found her in—sent Ida home & I walked home from Mme Stefani’s. It was nearly 6. I had intended going to the Eden’s but it was too late. Henry & Nela had been there & waited for me till nearly six. I played guitar with Lina—& again after lunch with Ola, also played the harmonium.

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