0Monday. 25th [January 1897]—3 Savile Row
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25 January 1897 — 3 Savile Row
Monday. 25th [January 1897]. Sophy is better but keeps her bed. I & Eda worked a while at the MS & then I went to the studio to help Nela with her fan. Mr Reeve (Rector of Lambeth) came to lunch—& Marty Alderson– Mr Reeve was very pleasant & congenial as ever– He promises to come next Monday again to lunch. Nela, Eda & Monty A. went off to St Paul’s for the service it being St Paul’s Conversion Day. I drove out alone but went to take Maria out & the twins. Left the twins at Harvey & Nichols’ & then was proceeding to Lady de Gex when I was taken with cholic & went instead to my sister Constance. She accompanied us to St James’ Sqr & thence walked. By that time it was snowing hard—but it cleared up. I went home & sent Maria to her home in the carriage. The United States Ambassador & Mrs Bayard came to tea. He is very remarkable looking fine man. Tall, erect—with dark eyes & brows & white hair—a fine intelligent head. One could discern his French origin. He spoke of our Huguenots origins & was interested in the portraits I showed him of the Layards & told me abt his family & others in the U.S. It was a pleasure to have seen him. Unfortunately he is very deaf. He had no American accent. His wife was pleasant & kindly but of the usual American type which has been pretty in youth. She appears a good deal younger than her husband. We dined at 7.30—Louis, Nela & Monty A: Louis, Nela & Eda went to the play– Monty left to return to Hatfield. I sat with Sophy who was still in bed, for an hour & then to bed myself.

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