0Sunday. 24th [January 1897]—3 Savile Row
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24 January 1897 — 3 Savile Row
Sunday. 24th [January 1897]. Miss Oswell came at 10 & we worked at the MS till 11.30. It was curious to me reading as we did today the account of our escape from Madrid with Serrano—& very touching the praise Henry bestows on me. At the time it seemed such a simple thing to do—& he was so proud of me! I went to the 12 o’cl service at the Chapel Royal & heard Teignmouth Shore preach– I was not much impressed. There was a small congregation owing to the cold—as it was freezing all day & it was wet underfoot from the salt strewn in the streets wh melts the snow. Molly Alderson came to lunch. Miss Oswell stayed to lunch & left soon after. Eda went out with Nela Du Cane to see Gus Alderson. I stayed at home & wrote. At 7 Eda returned & we went to service in St James’ Church Piccadilly. I sat with Sophy a little after dinner– She was rather better.

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