0Monday. 10th [May 1897]—Coole Park, Gort, County Galway
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10 May 1897 — Coole Park, Gort, County Galway
Monday. 10th [May 1897]. The same temps couvert—but we decided to go off to Burren so Augusta sent off Annie & the game keeper’s wife Mrs McJohn Dhoolen with our luggage in the car at 11. I typed all the morning & Augusta was busy packing &c. Luncheon at 2 & at 3 she & I got into her little poney phaeton & she drove me the 14 miles to Durrin which we reached at 5. We went thro’ the stone country which is so wild & impressive into Co. Clare & came down to our little half deserted village after passing thro’ the half deserted town of Kinvara. It had once been Sir William Gregory’s property when it was a most prosperous place, since he sold it it has fallen into bad hands & is half decayed. Burren is a little scattered village on the Bay of Galway opposite the town of that name. We have a small house so close to the sea there is only the road to divide our little garden from the beach which is called “flaggy”—being all stones. Opposite our windows are heaps of seaweed waiting to be carried away to manure the stony fields. The wind which blows over them brings us a good sea smell. Annie had prepared tea to welcome us. On one side of the front door is our sitting room—on the other the kitchen. Upstairs 2 large rooms with 2 good new beds in each. I have had to have Annie to sleep in my room—as there is no other for her. After tea we went out to explore a little wood close by the remains of the primaeval forest of the time of the great Saint of the place St Colman. We found there pretty spring flowers & searched in vain for wild maiden hair fern wh grows in the clefts of the rocks. It was blowing pretty hard & the wind kept waking me often in the night.

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