0Tuesday. 11th [May 1897]—Burren, nr. Kinvara, County Galway
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11 May 1897 — Burren, nr. Kinvara, County Galway
Tuesday. 11th [May 1897]. It was blowing so hard when we got up in the morning that we remained within doors writing letters till within ½ hour of our lunch time when we rushed out for a mouthful of air. However after lunch we drove in the poney phaeton as far as a little village called Bell Harbour & to inspect the whereabouts of the ruins of the Abbey of Corcomroe on the stoney hill side. We could not get quite up to it as it was a little way from the road & there was no one near to hold our poney so we drove back. As we passed along the country we saw men & women in the fields laying seaweed in the furrows of their fields & sowing their barley. It was very cold & windy—but there was no rain. We began to read aloud to each other Archbishop McGee’s life.

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