0Wednesday. 12th [May 1897]—Burren, nr. Kinvara, County Galway
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12 May 1897 — Burren, nr. Kinvara, County Galway
Wednesday. 12th [May 1897]. The weather is improving & the wind abating. We read aloud to each other & wrote letters in the morning. After lunch we drove off to the neighbouring town called Ballyvaughan abt 6 miles off. We put up the poney at a clean little Hotel at the entrance of the town & walked to the jetty. The place is situated in a pretty little sheltered bay on the coast. We returned to our Hotel & had tea there very clean & good—& civil people. There seem to be two large churches in Ballyvaughan—one Prot: the other R.C. There is a large pump in the central street prescribed, the inscription says, by Baron Annaly whose property the town evidently is. We returned to Burren before 6—& read aloud & worked the rest of the evening.

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