0Tuesday. 18th May [1897]—Burren, nr. Kinvara, County Galway
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18 May 1897 — Burren, nr. Kinvara, County Galway
Tuesday. 18th May [1897]. We went out immediately after breakfast conducted by the “gossoon” who had done our odd jobs—to walk to an ancient “fort” or rath close to the village. In a field was a little hillock which was surrounded by a little kind of moat. In the centre of the hillock was a hole into which the gossoon man went to introduce himself– Augusta being a small person was able to follow him by lying on her side & sliding down. I not being so active gave up the idea of following her & sat on the grass waiting for their return. On her reappearance she told me it was dark & like a beehive—by the aid of matches & a candle she had made out there were kinds of cells of ledges where men could be. The whole place was built of stones carefully put together—but in many places she had had to crawl on hands & knees & was glad to get back again to light & an upright position. In prehistoric time these raths had been the habitation of the fighting population of Ireland & the others must have been gathered into them in time of invasion or war. Now, the peasants believe them to be the abode of fairies & would even be afraid to venture inside them. Our gossoon said he did not know of more than 3 people who had ventured inside one & evidently he thought Augusta very adventurous. After lunch we got into the poney carriage & returned to Coole. As we drove through Kinvara we saw the fair going on—& the town looked busy & animated. The wind was very high & the roads dusty so we were glad to get to the green of Coole which we did by 5 for tea. Went for a walk in the woods. After dinner A. read McGee’s life while I worked.

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