0Sunday. 23rd [May 1897]—Coole Park, Gort, County Galway
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23 May 1897 — Coole Park, Gort, County Galway
Sunday. 23rd [May 1897]. Drove to church at Gort in the morning. After tea we went out in the boat on the lake to see where the water disappears into a cavern. A river rises out of a pool in the park flows on a short distance forms a lake & again disappears. It reappears a few miles further & falls into the sea near Burren. A Gort shopkeeper & his family were walking by the lake & Lady Gregory kindly offered them a place in the boat & we took them across & left them where they were on their road home. We took a stroll in the wood & then returned to the boat & went back to Coole & dined. A. read aloud to me till bed time.

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