0Thursday. 3rd [June 1897]—Bere Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset
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3 June 1897 — Bere Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset
Thursday. 3rd [June 1897]. We had a girl in & began to make a crayon sketch of her head—working all the morning. Just as we were finishing lunch Mr Ratcliffe (Master of Hounds) & a young lady Miss Nash turned up. They were taking a bicycle ride & were glad of some food. At 3 Nellie & I drove off to Wool—put up the poney at the inn there & went by 3.35 train to Dorchester. Arthur had begged us to go there to see if we could find a small poney carriage & poney to hire & have it sent here for me to drive myself. We walked from the station at Dorchester into the town to Thorn the builder & inspected 2 carriages & then went on to the “Antelope Inn” where Mr Hammond the horse dealer was to be found. He said he has no poney but thought he could get one & he also took us to his coach house & showed us a nice little poney phaeton & agreed to let it us with poney & harness for £5 a month. We found that all the shops were closed it being early closing day—but we rang the bell & got into Wood’s the upholsterer—tho’ he himself was absent & Nelly gave a commission abt a mattress– We went on to a confectioner’s & had tea—in a nice upper chamber—adorned with 2 huge stuffed swans! The tea was good & thus refreshed we went again to the town to try & buy a teapot. We managed to get into another shop for it– Also bought cherries– The child who sold them said they came from the “Canary Islands” probably meaning Channel Islands. We walked back to the station & on the way met Mr Arthur Mansel who lives at Dorchester. We left by 7.4 train—for Wool & drove home by a little after 8. It had been a very hot day & there was an angry sunset. We found Rhuvon arrived. He has lately returned with his ship from India. I have not seen him for 4 years. He is leaving the navy & is going into the Egyptian service. He is a very clever linguist.

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