0Friday. 4th June [1897]—Bere Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset
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4 June 1897 — Bere Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset
Friday. 4th June [1897]. Nellie went up to town by early train to see her Aunt Lady Salisbury who is still laid up– She has a mysterious illness of the liver & has since been “tapped” & a deal of water drawn from her. I worked in the studio—& the girl sat to me for 2 hours. After tea Rhuvon & I accompanied Arthur to the Doctor’s Hatch & watched him fish. On our return home we found Arthur Du Cane just arrived from London to spend his Whitsun holidays. Old Mr G. Mansel Pleydell rode over to see us & had 5 o’cl tea with us. He tells us with pride that he is going to have bon fires lighted on 5 different hills on his property on Jubilee Day. He is a delightful old man—the same age as our Queen I believe & very kindly & full of humour.

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