0Tuesday. 22nd June [1897]—40 Half Moon Street
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22 June 1897 — 40 Half Moon Street
Tuesday. 22nd June [1897]. We none of us had slept much all night & got up very early. Nelly went off to her place to view the Jubilee, at 7.15. Arthur & Rhuvon went to the Gaiety Theatre abt 9—& Rawlinson walked with me to the back Entrance of St James’ Club where Arthur had procured a seat for me. I had a seat in a stand on 3rd floor. I had not very long to wait before the troops began to arrive & the procession to form– The troops looked very well but what struck me most was the beauty of their horses. The crowd was very good humoured and the police very clever & when at the end of the immense procession the Queen came in her open carriage she was cheered frenetically. She looked pleased & well. After the Procession had passed we had a sumptuous luncheon given to us. I met Sir Arthur Birch & his daughter & he took care that I was well fed. I walked on to see my sister Maria to tell her all about it. I found she had not ventured out being too feeble– I sat with her a long time & then walked to Cav. Sqr to see Blanche & then fetched Maria & Kate who had joined her & we went back to tea with Blanche. Afterwards I took Maria home in B’s carriage & Kate & I went on to Savile Row. We dined at 7.30 & I walked back to Half Moon Street & went to bed. All the rest went out to see the illuminations in the streets. I did not sleep much. The streets were so noisy. Last night people slept on the doorsteps in order to take up good positions to view the Procession. All night the troops were arriving & bivouacking in the Parks– Tonight all the world is out to see the illuminations.

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