0Friday. 25th [June 1897]—3 Savile Row
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25 June 1897 — 3 Savile Row
Friday. 25th [June 1897]. Kate & Mary left after breakfast & went to stay at Ascot with Blossett Alderson. We had a difficulty in getting them a cab to go to the station—London is so full & the cabs are soon taken. I walked up to Park Crescent to see Maria & to settle abt her coming to stay at Bere on Monday next– At 4 Nelly Alderson & I left for Waterloo station where we joined my brother Arthur, his son Rhuvon, Blanche Duncannon & her son & we all went by 4.55 train to Southampton where we slept that we might go from there to see the Jubilee Naval Review. At Winchester where the train stopped a few minutes a respectably dressed man tried to insist upon getting into our compartment, which was already full—& when Arthur told him there was no room, he tried to persist & dealing him a blow in his chest knocked him down on to some bags that were luckily there to break his fall. Arthur got up & out of the carriage & called to some railway officials to remove his assailant which they did & we continued our journey. We imagine him to have been excited with drink as the attack was entirely unprovoked. At Southampton we had rooms at the South Western Hotel. Nelly & I shared a room–& Blanche had one to herself. I took down my servant Rawlinson to attend to us.

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