0Saturday. 24th [July 1897]—Bere Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset
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24 July 1897 — Bere Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset
Saturday. 24th [July 1897]. I began to draw a design to paint a large common garden flower pot for the drawing room here. I am going to paint it in imitation of a coloured oriental china pot. It is not fine art but it will be useful to hold another pot of a palm– Nellie Alderson arrived from London abt 5. At 6 Arthur Guest, Arthur Du Cane & I drove to Cham: Bridge in the poney carriage & we all fished. Only Arthur DC. got a fish. Nelly joined us on her bycicle. We supped at 9.15. Played besique. Arthur & I had a talk today about this house. He cannot afford to go on living here alone & we propose he & I to go into partnership & I to use it for a summer residence. He asked if I will contribute £250 per an: which I am willing to do.

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