0Monday. 16th [August 1897]—3 Savile Row
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16 August 1897 — 3 Savile Row
Monday. 16th [August 1897]. Got up at 10 & put things in order & finished packing. My brother Monty came up to town for a couple of hours. I saw him & told him I was sorry to hear he had had trouble with the servants. He said his servant had complained of my servants & seemed to think he had reason to do so & to take his part. I remonstrated that I tried to do everything I could—& I thought Woodrow was not quite fair—at wh Monty said he believed we had better break up the whole thing & sell the house. This cut me to the quick as I had come to live with him at his own wish & had bought the house to please him & I answered that it was the 2nd time his servants had turned me out of the house– He said he wd not argue with me—bid me goodbye & left the house– It was the last straw– I know I ought not to have discussed with him—but I fairly broke down & sobbed my heart out. Nellie did what she could to comfort me & I recovered & am determined not to think about it any more—& why should I care? life is so short! Unfortunately I got thus a headache for the journey. Nellie went off to Peterborough to her parents at 4. I had some tea & went off to Victoria Station at 5 & we left for Dover at 5.30. Had a perfectly calm passage to Ostend & reached abt midnight. Ola Du Cane accompanied me.

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