0Saturday. 21st August [1897]—Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
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21 August 1897 — Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
Saturday. 21st August [1897]. A pouring wet day. Breakfasted with the household & then Ola & I went up to Css Perponcher’s room & sat awhile with her till abt 11 when the Empress sent for me to her room to ask me to write a letter to Dr Cini at Venice about the flooring of a hospital to be made by Pss Sophy at Athens. I wrote till lunch time. Dr Waldstein an American Archeologist who is one of our Cambridge Dons came to luncheon & sat next to me at table. He said very polite things to me about Henry & his regret at not having known me—but I did not get a very agreeable impression of the man. H.M. had known him well at Athens & likes him. He left in the afternoon– After tea Ola went out with Css Perponcher as it rather cleared & H.M. walked out with Miss Tadema. I remained in doors, read & worked. Princess Louise asked me to fetch down my various needle works which I did after dinner while we sat in the hall. Went to the smoking room for a short time before bed.

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