0Sunday. 22nd [August 1897]—Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
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22 August 1897 — Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
Sunday. 22nd [August 1897]. Breakfast with the household at 9.30. Ola & Mlle Perponcher were earlier & went to the German church. I returned to my room & was writing when there was a tap at my door & in came the Empress with her hat on. She said she had been waiting about for Princess Louise who was so unpunctual & so harum scarum that she never knew how to manage with her & she lost so much time waiting for her. She proposed that we should walk in the garden & I dressed & followed H.M. downstairs. We walked in the gardens & ended by going round to the servants wing & H.M. showed me the offices. We were in the housekeeper’s apartment where H.M. showed me the linen & when H.M. was fetched to Princess Louise & the housekeeper showed me the rest of the servants rooms. I returned to my room & was writing there when there came a tap at the door & in comes Princess Louise to bid me good bye as she was just off to Marienbad. She stood talking apparently unconscious that everyone was waiting below & that it was time to start for the train till Miss Tadema fetched her. Countess Wolkenstein arrived for luncheon. I had known her at her mother’s Princess Hatzfeldt who lived at Venice & died last winter. She is Ambassadress at Paris & very smart & has been pretty & is rather full of [illegible word] & talks & laughs a great deal. After lunch I returned to my room till 4.15 when we had tea on the terrace & then drove to Homburg, H.M. & Countess Wolkenstein in one carriage & Princess Victoria, Ola & I in another. It took us about an hour. Arrived there H.M. & the Princess went to see Lord & Lady Cowper & Css Wolkenstein, Ola & I walked up the Promenade to see the bust of the Emperor Frederick. We were soon rejoined by H.M. & just walked to the end of the promenade & then drove back to Cronberg. We got there at 7 & the Empress took Ola for a little walk. Prince Adolf’s ex Minister von Oesetzen was at dinner. He told me [he] had been at a party I gave at the Embassy at Consple during the Turco Russian war. We went to the smoking room for a short time & to bed at 11.

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