0Monday. 23rd August [1897]—Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
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23 August 1897 — Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
Monday. 23rd August [1897]. I breakfasted with the Empress this morng also the P. & Pss Victoria, Herr v. Ompteda & Countess Wolkenstein. Ola breakfasted with the household. H.M. went off with Css Perponcher & Ompteda to Wolkstein to pay the Grand Duke & Dss of Hesse a visit & did not return till dinner time. Css Wolkenstein left Cronberg at the same time. Only Fraulein v. Blucher, Ola & I remained at home—for P. & Pss Victoria & Major Winslow also went & they do not return till tomorrow. I spent the morning copying a piece of needlework in my bed room. Ola went out. She & I & Fraulein von B. lunched at 1.15 & at 2.30 started off in a carriage to Homburg. We went to the library Shick to ask whether I could get my railway tickets for Venice. The first thing I did was to lean on the glass case of the counter & break a pane of glass. I thought myself well off only having to pay 4 marks for it. We thence went to a hat shop where Ola brought 2 hats there as a friend of the Empress a Frau v. Verschür a young pretty young woman whose husband has been in command of the troops here. She lives in a villa on the Friedrich’s promenade. She gave us tea & then took us to the tennis ground where the fashionable world was assembled & ladies & gentlemen were practising tennis for a tournament which commences tomorrow. Ola had to take tickets to pass into the enclosure where rows of English people sat solemnly watching the play. We had hardly seated ourselves when Ethel Cadogan found us out & came to us with her little dog under her arm. I congratulated her on her promotion from maid of honor to Woman of the bed chamber which gives her a pension for life. We sat there for about ½ hour & then got into the carriage to return to Cronberg. In the enclosure I saw Lady Hershel looking pretty. We greeted each other. On the way back to Cronberg Ola happened to mention that she was troubled with her sight. It at once struck me she ought to see Dr Pagenstechen at Wiesbaden & I suggested she shd go there on her way home & consult him as he is now the best occulist in the world. Fraülein von B agreed & said “The Empress is going to Wiesbaden tomorrow why not go with her?” This was such a good idea that as soon as H.M. returned home I went & asked her to allow Ola to do so & we telegraphed to Dr P. for an appointment tomorrow morning. We dined in the small breakfastroom—the party being only H.M., Herr v. Ompteda, Css Perponcher, Fraulein v. Blücher, Ola & I. We sat working in the hall till 10 & then went to bed. We talked much of nervous illnesses, mesmerism, somnambulism, hypnotism &c wh the Empress explained to us were all deseases of the nerves.

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