0Tuesday. 24th August [1897]—Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
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24 August 1897 — Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
Tuesday. 24th August [1897]. H.M. left at 7.30 & Ola with her. As there was only Fraülein from Blücher & I left at home we breakfasted in our rooms & I employed myself reading & writing till lunch by which time H.M. returned. Ola brought a satisfactory report from Pagenstechen. He said she did not squint as the English occulist declared but had a little swelling on one eyelid which was not of much consequence. After lunch we all sat for a little while out on the terrace & then retired to our rooms. Two autoharps had arrived from Frankfort that Pss Victoria might see if she liked them—& they were brought to me to try them. I showed Ola how to play. We went down to tea at ¼ to 5 & then I went out for a walk with H.M. The gardener accompanied us to the old Schloss & we went over it to see its progress & then down to the church where the architect met H.M. & she decided some questions of detail in decoration. We returned to the Schloss at 7 & Dr Waldstein who has returned for a night met us at the door. I went up to my room & left him with H.M. We dined at 8.15 & I sat next to Princess Victoria who with her husband had returned at 7 & was in very good spirits having enjoyed her visit vastly at Wolkstein. After dinner I introduced the autoharp to her & she at once said she must buy one. We went to the smoking room for a little while & to bed at 11–

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