0Wednesday. 25th [August 1897]—Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
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25 August 1897 — Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
Wednesday. 25th [August 1897]. Breakfasted at 9.30 with the household. Showed Ola how to play the “Opheus” harp. After lunch at which were Duke George of Leuchtenberg & 2 German ladies we retired to our rooms till tea at 4.45. H.M., Princess Victoria, Ola & I drove out directly after & went to Königstein to visit Baroness Willy de Rothschild. We met her at her own gate in a Bath chair going round her own grounds. Her husband was with her. It is said he lives at Frankfort & comes to visit her once a week. He is an ultra strict Jew will eat nothing touched by any Christian—studies his Scriptures night & day—is very learned on that subject & always is attended by a Rabbi. She on the contrary is quite European, loves fine works of art & comfort—& writes very pretty music. She is an oldish woman now rather plain—white hair & a pleasant expression. We walked round the grounds under the care of the landscape gardener who was with her & then went over the house. There are there 2 portraits by Sir Joshua Reynolds (Mrs Abingdon & Mrs               ) & a Canaletto. The furniture is priceless—& every piece a gem but there was a great want of comfort & of liveableness in it. The bedrooms especially gave one that impression. But the views from every window are glorious—& the Empress was in ecstasies over them. On the way back to Friedrichshof we got out of the carriage & walked through the Public park which has been planted by the Empress. Dinner at 8.15 & I sat between H.M. & Princess Victoria. We sat in the hall & worked till 10 when the Empress rose & bid us Good night. As she kissed Ola she asked her if she would remain on a few days at which Ola’s face lit up with delight & she proceeded to unpack her box. I went up to the smoking room for a short time with P. & Pss Victoria. Baroness Reischach was there having returned to Cronberg this afternoon.

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