0Thursday. 26th [August 1897]—Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
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26 August 1897 — Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg
Thursday. 26th [August 1897]. I breakfasted with H.M. & the P. & Pss—& then proceeded to pack for departure & at 10.15 H.M. & the P. & Pss & I drove to the station– As we were leaving the house the Empress took my hand & pressed & said she was so glad to have had me at Friedrichshof at last & she hoped I would come very often adding “We must cling together you & I for the same fate has befallen us both.” We went into the royal waiting room at the station & there the Princes took leave of H.M. & I being the last to leave it she took me in her arms, hugged me & kissed me on both cheeks– She is really a good & devoted friend & a true hearted woman. I went into the saloon carriage with the Princes—Fraülein v. Blucher & Major Winslow & we parted at Frankfort. They went shopping & go on by a later train to Bonn. I waited in the royal waiting room & left by 12.30 train for Munich. Pss Victoria’s manservant saw to my luggage & helped my maid Annie. I got a comfortable place in a carriage with an English couple who had the name “Stephen” on their luggage & they had a black poodle with them. I lunched out of my basket & also made some tea later. Got to Munich at 8.55 & had just time to run round the station & get into the express for Verona but not time to register the luggage. Annie did this at Kufstein to Italy. I had a place in the sleeping car & Annie a 2nd class place in the same carriage.

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