0Friday. 27th August [1897]—En route to Salce, Belluno
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27 August 1897 — En route to Salce, Belluno
Friday. 27th August [1897]. I had a very comfortable night & abt 6 Annie brought me some hot coffee (Botzen). At 7.30 she came & helped me to dress. At 9 we were at Ala & passed through the custom house without difficulty. There we re-registered the luggage for Belluno—one box for Venice. We got to Verona at 10.30 & lunched there & waited an hour—& then took the Venice train. We got to Mestre at 2.20. Pasquale my Venice servant met me & took the tickets for Treviso while Annie & I had just time to change trains. At Treviso waited ½ hour & took fresh tickets– I got into an empty carriage & made myself some tea– The Venice French Consul & his family were in the train also going up to stay at Belluno. We got there at 6 & I found a fly waiting for me—but my luggage was not there. I got to Salce & the Eden’s villa in abt ½ hour. The Edens had not expected me so early & were out but returned ere long & gave me a kind welcome. We dined at 7.30 & sat in the portico till 10 talking when we went to bed.

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