0Monday. 30th [August 1897]—Salce, Belluno
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30 August 1897 — Salce, Belluno
Monday. 30th [August 1897]. Breakfast at 7. Went out in garden at 9.39 & began a water colour sketch of the Villa. Mr Eden helped me. After lunch at 11.15 I wrote &c till 3 when we started out for a drive in the little carriage. Mr & Mrs Eden & I & the 3 Dachs. We went by Brebano railway station to the opposite hills across the Piave to a villa belonging to some Italians called Moldori. There we stopped took out our tea basket & made tea sitting on the grass. We were driving on to                when we met Ct Luigi Miari a stout jolly bachelor who insisted upon our turning back & going to his villa Col di [illegible word]. It is in a most beautiful position & planted with beautiful trees none of which, he said, were more than 80 years old. We stayed but a few minutes at his villa & then started back to Salce by the same road by which we had come—& gave up going by               . As it was we were not at Salce before near 8 o’cl. After dinner we sat under the portico talking & watching falling stars till bed time at 10.

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