0Sunday. 26th September [1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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26 September 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 26th September [1897]. After breakfast Cortelazzo & his allievo came & sat with me in the studio showing me some of the things they had made lately– They then went out & at 11 Lady Vivian & I went out in the gondola to the Piazza that we might get her chain from the jeweller. From there we went on to the Modern Exhibition of Pictures at the Public Gardens & spent sometime looking at the things. The German school was too appallingly bad– One room was entirely dedicated to the “Scotch” school—a thing one had never heard before—mostly pictures from Glasgow—very sketchy & rather queer! The Italian school had some good things. The American school also a few—Sargent had 3 pictures. Two horrors & one a portrait of a french Dr. Powerful but unpleasant a work of some 15 years back– He evidently had deteriorated since & become more mannered & less true to life. It was a very hot day—& we were glad to get home to lunch & to sit in the darkened room sewing quietly till it got cooler at 5 when we had tea. Css Benomar came with her daughter also Mr Moore & Mr Hulton. As I wanted to take Lady Vivian out for the last time before she leaves we did not let them stay long & we took Mr Hulton with us in gondola & deposited him at the Britannia Hotel & went on our way for a row down the Giudecca “towards the sunset,” as Lady Vivian said—round home by the Grand Canal. After dinner we went to the Piazza—met Mr Woods R.A. & Mr Needham & walked with them—took a short row & went home to bed. A lovely night with brilliant stars & very warm– Am very sorry it was Lady Vivian’s last row—as she goes to Vescovana with me tomorrow & from there goes on to Rome–

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