0Saturday. 25th [September 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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25 September 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 25th [September 1897]. As Pss Charlotte has a desire to go to Vescovana to see Countess Pisani I had written to ask her if she cd have us—& I got a telegram & letter to say she wd be delighted if we would go & sleep a night there. Don Antonio the old priest came in to town to see me abt it & got here at 10.30. He waited till 11.30 when Pss Charlotte arrived & I settled with her that we should go on Monday & told Don Antonio & he went off to return to Vescovana to tell the Countess. Pss Charlotte brought her 2 gentlemen with her & I took the 3 to the Exn at S. Rocco & sent back for Lady Vivian. We stayed there an hour & a half & then returned here. I walked back with Herr V. Roederer. Sat & talked till 1.30 & then had lunch to which came also the Pss lady whose name I have not yet mastered. She & her husband went their own way & Lady V. & I took the Pss & her gentleman to Cavaguin the antiquity shop that she might buy old chairs for her daughter; from there we went to Ziffer & Melville’s to buy stuff for the same & then came back here for tea quite tired out. Found that Cortelazzo had arrived to stay with me—& brought him in to amuse Pss Charlotte. Col. Needham Military Attaché at Rome came to call just as we returned to tea. He is a friend of Lady Vivian’s & she introduced him to me & I asked him in. After he had left I set Cortelazzo to tell Pss Charlotte some of his quaint stories & she enjoyed them. Soon after 6 we took her in gondola to the Britannia where Herr von Roederer met her & she was to dine. We went to the Piazza for a bit & there met Adl Noce—who with his wife & stepson have just returned here. Then home to dinner & a quiet eveng.

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