0Friday. 24th [September 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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24 September 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 24th [September 1897]. Up as usual at 7 & dressed by nine but before I got down Princess Charlotte arrived to breakfast with me with Herr v. Roederer & we then went off to the station I accompanying her as lady in waiting, we went to see the King & Queen of Italy off to Monza. We found every body already assembled & waiting at 10.30 & we stood in the station house with the Queen’s ladies. The sun was so hot it was almost scorching even at that hour. Very soon arrived the Queen’s lady maid all in a bustle & passed through with the bags & then the Royal March struck up showing their Majestys were near. On landing from their 4 oared gala gondola they remained on the steps of the key talking to everyone. When the Queen saw me she kissed me & said “I am very glad to see you”—& passed on—but she came back & said “Everybody loves you at Venice—for your own sake & for your husbands.” This nearly upset me & it was all I could do to keep from crying. She has such a kind heart & is thoughtful. That word about Henry was more grateful to me than anything in the world she could have said—& it is a comfort to think he should not be forgotten. The King spoke to me again of the fine effect of my window hangings which were again hung out this morning. After abt ¼ they went out into the station to the platform accompanied by Pss Charlotte & the Dss d’Aosta & stood a few seconds talking to various people before getting into the carriage. Then I had a few words with the Dss d’Aosta & she said she was sorry she had not been to my house & that she had felt at home with me the moment she had met me at the Lido. Then they got into the train—& leant out of the windows—the Royal March (hideous tune) struck up again, people shouted “evviva” & off they went & we returned to our gondola & Pss Charlotte & I & Herr Roederer came here & sat quiet till 11.30 the steam launch arrived & we went (Lady Vivian & the Pss lady & her husband) off to Burano to visit the lace schools. We lunched on the way there & so went rather slowly & arrived abt 1. Landed & went in the schools & Pss Charlotte bought lace for her daughters’ trousseau—& looked at the girls at work—& then we returned to the Lido where the Pss’ party landed & went to bathe. Lady V. & I were brought home. We had tea & a visit from Ct & Css Iswolsky & I showed him the pictures. Css Nana Valmarana came also. Then Lady V. & I went off to the Piazza that she might go to the jeweller abt arranging a chain of hers & then we came home & had a quiet evening of which I was sorely in need.

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