0Thursday. 23rd [September 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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23 September 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Thursday. 23rd [September 1897]. I went out at 11.30 with Lady Vivian to visit the Church of S.S. Giov. & Paolo. We then went to inscribe our names on the Dss d’Aosta at the Palace & home to luncheon. Princess Charlotte who with Herr v. Roederer had been to lunch with the King & Queen came on here afterwards & Lady V. & I walked with them to the Frari to see the small antiquity shop there. Thence to the silversmith’s at S. Silvestro. Pss Charlotte made some purchases there & we went on to the Rialto where we found my gondola waiting & we went to an antiquity shop near S. Stae called Cavagini. There the Pss bought some chairs & then we returned home to tea. Afterwards we took her in gondola to Bauer’s Restaurant & deposited her & her gentleman to dine—& the lady in waiting joined her with her husband who had arrived today. Lady V. & I went on to the Piazza for a few minutes & then returned home. I had ½ hour’s rest & then dressed for dinner. Count & Countess Benomar (He Spanish Ambr at Rome) & their daughter a girl of 16—& Count & Countess Brandolin dined with us. They all talked very loud & seemed very happy—& went away by 10.30.

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