0Wednesday. 22nd [September 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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22 September 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Wednesday. 22nd [September 1897]. Had a tiresome morning—the household being in a state of fermentation on account of the ways of Rawlinson the butler & Hillier the cook– Regina almost reduced to tears & Annie, my maid, begging to be sent home. I begged them to be patient till I see what can be done– After lunch Lady V. & I went out in gondola to the Stabto Venezia Murano for her to choose some glass. We then proceeded to the Lido. On landing we noticed the Royal Gondolas at the landing stop. We were invited to tea with Princess of Saxe Meiningen & walked across to her villino. There we found a crowd at the gate & that the King & Queen were paying her a visit. Herr v. Roederer came out into the garden & we offered to go away to wh he at first assented but finally invited us in to sit with the household who were taking tea in a room which opened out to the garden. Soon arrived the Duchess of Aosta & her lady joined us while she went up to join the Royalties. We had not sat very long before they all came down & having to pass thro’ the place we were sitting, the Queen spoke to us all—& then told the King who we were & he at once came & talked first to Lady Vivian & then to me. Lady V. was much touched as he spoke to her of her children. To me he spoke of this house & how he admired it the other day on his arrival. When they departed we went upstairs with Pss Charlotte & the Dss d’Aosta & had tea from the remains of the Royal meal. The Duchess is a very beautiful creature—very tall (taller than I am) & very fair. One can well understand how our poor P. Eddie could have been so in love with her– She said she adores England & everything English & liked the smell of London things & even liked the fogs. She was very jolly & bright. When she left, & she did not remain very long, Princess Charlotte dressed & we took her back to Venice with us & her gentleman Herr von Roederer. She asked if I would let her dine with us as her lady was not well & she could not accompany her to dine at an hotel. Of course I was delighted so we took her & her gentleman in our gondola & went first to Jesurum’s shop where she bought some stuff & then home. Dined at 8 & almost directly after we took her back to the Lido in gondola & accompanied her to her door. We had a lovely row home. It was a lovely night & we got back by 11–

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