0Tuesday. 21st [September 1897]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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21 September 1897 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Tuesday. 21st [September 1897]. At 11 Lady Vivian & I set off in gondola to row to the Lido. It was a lovely fresh autumnal day, only a little windy. We walked to the Bathing establisht & called at the Villino where Princess Saxe Meiningen is staying but did not find her at home so we left a message asking her to come to tea & then returned home just stopping at the Grand Hotel to leave a message for Countess Benomar to beg her also to come to tea– We got back at 1.30 & had lunch & then watched for the arrival of the King & Queen of Italy. I had all the hangings put out of the windows which I had worked while in Spain for the windows here in imitation of the “Colgaduras” in use in Spain while we were in Madrid. Lady Vivian & I stood on the balcony to see the arrival which is a pretty sight—tho’ it was not a “gala” reception. The Queen had left by a very early train this morning to go to Verona to meet the King & they returned here together. As they passed this house they bowed & saluted us. At 3 Lady Vivian & I went off to S. Rocco to see the Ecclesiastical Exn which we found wonderfully interesting. Sr Urbani de Gheltof was there, recognised me & showed me some of the most interesting things. We walked home & found the Princess of Saxe Meiningen already arrived with Herr von Roederer & her lady– Gave them tea. Count & Css Benomar came but rather late having attempted walking here & having lost their way. Css Brandolin also came to tea. We dined at 7.45 & went out directly after in gondola to the Piazza – There we met the Canevaros, Ct Benomar & a Ct & Css Iswolsky                he is Russian Minister in Belgrade. They are friends of Lady Vivians & seemed very nice people. He told me he had known Henry at Consple as he treated affairs with him after the Turco Russian war. Marchesa Gropallo was also there & Adl Gualterio & Ricardo Cozzi. The K & Q came out on the balcony & were applauded by the populace. They appeared 3 times—& Bengal lights were burned & the two bands played.

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